Harmony | Unity | Family

About us

Brisbane Outrigger Canoe Club (BOCC) was founded in 1989 and is is one of Australia’s oldest and leading competitive outrigger canoe clubs. 

Our sport’s history has its origins in the Pacific Ocean’s island and Polynesian cultures which carries on to this day in the various traditions and etiquette of modern outrigger canoeing. Drawing on that Polynesian culture, our purpose, as a club, is based on three simple elements:

Harmony | Unity | Family

With that in mind, BOCC caters for all levels of paddling ability and boasts success at a local Queensland and at a national level. BOCC has also successfully competed on the international stage in both team and individual paddle events including the Takapuna (NZ), Na Wahine, Molokai Hoe, Na Pali Challenge, Maui to Molokai, Queen Liliʻuokalani and a number of Molokai to Oahu solo events in Hawaii.

Closer to home, BOCC hosts a number of corporate events designed to build organisational inclusiveness in a safe and fun competitive environment. Our clients have included Corporate Games Queensland, Lite ’n Easy and DXC Technology.

BOCC members train almost every day of the week, mornings and afternoons, and welcome new members to our club. We hold regular ‘Come and Try’ days and Novice Programs to introduce new paddlers to our sport.